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Asental Group is a real estate group that belongs to one of the most significant real estate owners in the Moravian-Silesian Region. Apart from commercial buildings where they lease administrative premises, they also manage extensive land intended for future development.

We asked the company’s Managing Director, Radmila Kuzicová, how Asental in particular contributes to the region’s economic revival.

Asental owns a number of interesting development plots and brownfields in the Moravian-Silesian Region. How do you see the utilization of the Post-mining landscape in relation to your business activities?
The area, which has lately been referred to as a Post-mining landscape, is situated amongst Karviná, Havířov and Orlová. Our company owns more than half its area. However, all entrepreneurial or development activities there are directly dependant on its reverberating mining influence. There is no other choice but to respect these geologic conditions in development plans. Moreover, it is clear that such a large area needs to be dealt with conceptually, socio-demographically and also from an urban point of view and that is why we were more than happy to join the POHO 2030 concept of development of the Post-mining Landscape, which was initiated by the Moravian-Silesian Region and associated organizations. What we consider primary and necessary is to return to economic – or if you want – entrepreneurial activities in ‘desolate areas’.

What is new in the project of the industrial zones Barbora, František and Dukla?
The industrial zone Barbora (approximately 80 hectares) received, after a four-year effort – its last necessary planning permit and we are thus entering the next project phase. As for the utilization of the František zone (about 50 hectares), we are negotiating with several particularly interested parties with very interesting specialization. Regarding the industrial zone Dukla, several smaller investors have already commenced preparation project work for the development of their own production and/or logistics capacities. What we consider a really significant contribution over a mid-term horizon is the realization of renewable energy resources on land that is, despite its remediation, basically unusable for development for several more decades and is also unsuitable for the agricultural utilization of forest planting. We also rely, in this area, on co-operation with municipalities, especially with regards to outline plans. We cannot imagine that the plan to develop clean energy resources in a region with the highest air pollution in the country would not get its support.

Ostrava has a lack of residential housing and Asental owns land. Are you also preparing for the construction of apartments?
We are of the same opinion that Ostrava, especially its centre, suffers a lack of new and quality housing. We are mainly planning residential development in the direction of Poruba and other more peaceful parts of the town, further from the centre. Let’s say closer to nature. A study and process of preparation of building and technical documentation was commenced in 2017 in several locations. As an example, I can state the residential project Hájenka near Zoo Ostrava, whose construction should be commenced at the beginning of next year. Hájenka comprises four smaller housing blocks with 45 units and private parking places on. Housing blocks of a higher segment are planned for the unique and isolated micro-location Hradní situated on a hill above Castle of Slezská Ostrava, offering a unique view of Ostrava. In connection with the possibly of relocating a bio-corridor, we are preparing a construction of four to six housing blocks there. They are to provide their owners with a maximal level of privacy and safety. We are preparing projects for the construction of family houses in several other locations and we are also considering the segment of senior’s home development.

The lucrative location of Jindřich is situated in the Ostrava centre. When is it to be revived?
Destiny of the former hotel building Jindřich has already been discussed for 10 years and understandably represents the topic for Ostrava. Meanwhile, there were the administrative projects Karolina, Orchard and IQ Tower built in town and Jindřich must virtually battle for its place in the market. This summer, we finally got a building permit after the previous optimization of the development project and thus also bigger security with regards to the time of project realization. The project accounts with a quality multifunctional administrative building with retail units on the ground floor and a separate residential part with 36 apartments. The current state of project preparation increased its attractiveness for potential tenants, whose increased interest we’ve already noted. However, construction alone will not be commenced until a deal is made with a more significant tenant for the administrative part. Jindřich is not the only administrative project in our portfolio, though. We are planning construction of the Přívoz Office building with a capacity of approximately 20,000 sq m of administrative area within the neighbourhood of Outlet Arena Moravia.

How do you personally feel about Ostrava?
I have been here for three years, which is not long, and connect my relationship to Ostrava with work. I really enjoy working on projects that are to be seen in Ostrava and its neighbourhood sooner or later. Intuitively, I happen to surround myself with people with similar interests. I met many people who are really enthusiastic about Ostrava and the region. People who went to gain experience elsewhere and were happy to come back to Ostrava. And that is where I see the greatest effort in progress.

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