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Hundreds of EHRLE car wash centres throughout Europe are daily visited by hundreds of thousands of satisfied drivers who want to wash their car without having them scratched by brushes, in a pleasant environment, without waiting and according to their own demands.

Timeless design and modern technologies for car washing, that is the German EHRLE brand, which represents an ideal addition to development projects and shopping and industrial centres.

Washing without damaging the paintwork
The Czech investment company BDQ Invest s.r.o. took advantage of the surprising fact that this wave of newly established car washes has so far by-passed our country and since 2016 have started purposefully building a network of EHRLE car wash centres. After the first year’s operation of some of the newly opened car washes, it became apparent that it is the kind of service that has been missing and that drivers really appreciated it and started to use it en masse. They appreciate the fact that they can wash their cars easily and comfortably according to their own requirements and at any time day or night.
Customers are those motorists who wash their car thoroughly once a month as well as professional drivers of taxi cars and other passenger vehicles or vehicles for catering and courier services who need to wash their cars every day – in summer from dust and in winter from the remains of road salt. The price for one passenger car wash, when the customer uses all possible EHRLE technologies including body cleaning and wax, is approximately CZK 120. We can also choose just a simple wash whereby the price is about one third.
The results of the cleaning, when utilising all programmes of the EHRLE self-service contactless car wash, outways cleaning with classic brushes. The paintwork does not get damaged, the cleaning is only done with a concentrated pressure of softened mineral free water heated to 60 °C with the addition of the patented EHRLE micro washing powder and also is fully under the customer’s control as he/she controls the whole process with a pressure gun and panel on which he/she selects the relevant programme and can focus the water jet on places that are mostly fouled, including those in the bumpers’ nooks and crannies, external mirrors and wheel wells where brushes cannot go.

Simple attendance
Operation of the car wash is completely automated, intuitive and with no need attendance, which is only necessary for regular cleaning as the company BDQ Invest considers the cleanliness of the environment to be important for customer satisfaction, not only for men but also for women drivers, who can manage the whole process without any problem and with satisfaction from having a clean car with natural scent, which is part of the washing process.
The washing centre alone is not demanding with regards to space. A typical version of four individual wash boxes and containers with all relevant technology takes up an area of 200 sq m; this needs to be added to with the area necessary to enter and exit. When making the decision about construction, it is necessary to account for the connection to utility services, primarily water, sewerage, electricity and gas, which is not entirely necessary though; heating of the system can also be secured via an electric boiler.
The mechanism is designed in such a way as to allow for a 24-hour operation twelve months a year. Floor heating in all boxes and water circulation within the system is secured for winter periods so the water does not freeze.
Even though EHRLE technology is the same, the company offers several versions of the car wash design. A customer-investor can choose between a technical or design image of the total equipment. It is also possible to choose whether the technologies that are to secure the correct dosage of washing powder, wax, heating, water treatment and modification of water pressure, are to be placed centrally in a special container, including the payment system, or whether there is to be an individual one for every box.

Paying by coins as well as by card
Payment is realized via coins inserted in the stand with a control panel whereby the customer chooses the individual wash programmes according to his/her requirements. Maximum attention is paid to cash protection so EHRLE uses the vacuum system for coin transfers, which are then transferred from the individual stands to the central safe located in a technical container.
Drivers who clean their cars regularly at a particular car wash can purchase an electronic key to be used in the installed machine, which is a small device in the form of a key case which can be topped up any time with a particular sum of money enabling the user to pay without the need for cash by placing the key within the stand. This service is made more favourable by giving a 10% discount compared with those customers paying cash and the driver using this card also receives a longer wash time for the same money. The newly installed EHRLE car wash centres are now also fitted with the facility of paying with a contactless card.

BDQ Invest provides those owners of suitable land, developers and/or shopping centres a location for the EHRLE car wash centre, which will attract a significant number of cars, including the preparation, realization and securing of the operation as their own investment; in the case of a long term, at least a ten-year relationship with the property owner, where the car wash is to be operated, they will conclude a tenancy agreement that is advantageous for both contracting parties.

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