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The V-Tower Prague is one of the Czech Republic’s most exclusive high-rise buildings

Located in the popular mixed residential and commercial Pankrac district, south of Prague’s historical centre, the V-Tower’s construc­tion will be completed in 2017. Offering 120 apartments on 30 floors, the 104-metre-high residential complex already counts among the most select high-rises in the Czech Republic. The neighbourhood’s po­pularity is not only due to the surrounding parks and green spaces, but also its excellent transport connections: recreational facilities, shopping and both national and international schools are in close proximity. The views from the apartments, accentuated by full-height window and lifting-sliding elements, manufactured by heroal and fabricated by Sipral, are indeed the building’s most exceptional feature. The direct views over the city’s striking old city, Prague Castle and the Vltava river are just a few examples.

A building layout for an extraordinary living experience
The V-Tower’s construc­tion area was limited by the surrounding residential and commercial buildings, thus leaving only a relatively small area available for the new building. The Radan Hubička Architectural Studio made optimum use of this limited space; the building splits into two separate towers after about a third of its height, so that plenty of space remains available for the numerous residential units. Additionally, the building’s re­sulting V-form gives it an extraordinary urban architectural character. The design’s underlying idea is the upwardly open letter V. It stands symbolically for openness, optimism, fortune and peace.

An exclusive building shell – thanks to heroal “made in Germany” quality
In order to underline the symbolism of “V”, particular emphasis was given to transparency. This goal was achieved, using over 1,700 sophisti­cated, production-optimised heroal elements from the heroal S 77 SL lifting-sliding system and the heroal w 72 window system. Since numerous custom-made units were required, due to both form and dimensions, and stringent demands for quality, design and technical detail had to be adhered to, the Sipral a.s. metalworking company made a conscious choice for heroal as a system supplier: “Not every manufacturer in the segment has the capacity to reliably realise such complicated projects, or to satisfy our stringent requirements. For this reason, we made a deliberate choice for the innovative family-owned heroal company, which provides outstanding “made in Germany” quality,” says Leopold Bares, Chairman at the Czech company Sipral a. s. According to him, heroal is the sole manufacturer in the sector to have its own, in-house, state-of-the-art bending and folding service. Additionally, heroal’s in-house, highly weather resistant surface coating ensures long-term, top-quality colour stability, gloss retention and durability against weathering. Particular attention was paid to technical aspects – given the unusual design and the building’s height, construction had to achieve specified wind load resistance rating class C3 and water tightness 8A. Windows and lifting-sliding elements were also required to achieve a noise insulation rating of up to 39 dB, thermal insulation of 1.5 W/m²K, and class 4 air permeability. This posed no problem for heroal – the heroal W 72 and heroal S 77 SL systems exceed these requirements.

Custom-made interior design and special service round off the exceptional living ambience
Moving upwards storey by storey, apartment sizes increase. The V-Tower offers exclusive living units between 50 and 380 square meters. Each of these apartments has been fitted out individually by interior architects, making optimum use of the available floor space. Special attention was naturally also paid to technical features such as heating and ventilation systems, which entirely achieve the most up-to-date Smart Home Standard. 360° balconies and terraces and numerous service offerings complete the luxurious comfort offered. Additionally, a pool is installed on the building roof, while the bottom floors serve as sauna, spa and fitness areas for building residents. Although the building was not yet completed at the time of award, the V-Tower has already won two awards: in 2015, it won “Best Residential High-rise Architecture in the Czech Republic” as well as the “Best Residential High-rise Development in the Czech Republic” Award in the “Europe” category – awards, which underline the building’s ex­ceptional nature.

heroal – the aluminium systems supplier
As a leading supplier of aluminium systems, heroal develops and produces perfectly coordinated systems for windows, doors, facades, roller shutters, roller doors and sun protection. Folding and sliding shutters, insect protection, terrace roofs and carports round off the product range. By minimising energy consumption during production, maximising energy conservation during usage as well as ensuring optimum profitability during system manufacturing and an increase in the value of the building, heroal system solutions make a significant contribution to sustainable construction. The heroal brand represents system solutions that unite practical innovations, industry-leading service and high-quality design that can be sustainably integrated into any architecture. Over 800 employees across the company work continually to further develop the systems and optimise the quality of heroal’s service and performance. The heroal brand stands for premium quality made in Germany – certified according to ISO EN 9001. heroal products and systems are produced and assembled exclusively at heroal's German production sites – at its headquarters in Verl and also in Hövelhof. More information at www.heroal.com.

Real estate data
Real estate: V-Tower, Prague, Czech Republic
Builder: PSJ INVEST, a. s.
Design / Architects: Radan Hubička Architectural Studio
Processor: Sipral a. s.
Completion: 2017



The building’s form exemplifies extraordinary urban architecture. The design’s underlying idea is the letter V, with its upward opening. It stands symbolically for openness, optimism, fortune and peace.

With its 360° balconies and terraces, the V-Tower Prague offers incomparable views across the striking old city, Prague Castle and the Vltava river. These views are accentuated by ceiling-high window and lifting-sliding elements by heroal.
Each of the 120 apartments has been fitted out individually by interior architects, making optimum use of the available floor space. Special attention was naturally also paid to technical features such as heating and ventilation systems, which entirely achieve the most up-to-date Smart Home Standard.

photo: heroal

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