Greenery and premium offices? A matter of course at the BB Centrum

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Most companies want to have their headquarters in the very best location in the most state-of-the-art building. That is also why so many are heading to the BB Centrum in Prague 4.

The multifunctional centre BB Centrum, whose development by the PASSERINVEST GROUP commenced 20 years ago, meets the highest demands and strictest criteria that companies have with regards to office standards with a well-appointed design of top quality premises, economical operation of buildings and the finest technical and technology level, transport accessibility and trouble free parking for both staff and visitors. The BB Centrum also meets significantly high demands with regards to the developer’s and facility manager’s approach to the environment, a pleasant and peaceful environment within the neighbourhood of the buildings and the possibility of relaxation and availability of services.
Most of the currently constructed buildings have extensive roof terraces with abundant greenery, benches and relaxation zones. Greenery is an essential part of the interior. This can also be demonstrated by the large vegetation wall in the ALPHA building. PASSERINVEST GROUP also constructed and manages two parks within the complex – Baar‘s Park and Brumlovka Park; the next stage of development relating to Brumlovka Park has already been planned. The total complex of the BB Centrum has structured green areas, which allow for improved air quality and a more pleasurable environment, and water features such as a fountain by the tallest building, FILADELFIE, and the artificial riverbed situated by the newest building DELTA, which helps to supply extra rain water for the soil and irrigate the nearby park.

This concept of a fully-fledged complex that comprises administrative buildings as well as apartments and schools complemented with a social and relaxation centre and outdoor sports ground was commenced from scratch being set in greenery and accompanied with a broad range of services for a perfect lifestyle. That was long before other players in our, as well as the whole of the central European market, took similar steps. That is also the reason for the BB Centrum being a lively and functioning part of the city with its unsteady baby steps long behind and representing an attractive target location for tenants as well as a very interesting opportunity for long-term investors.
red / photo: Passerinvest

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