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heroal stands for custom solutions As a system supplier for building envelopes, heroal delivers finishing products.

System products are supplied in a high weather-resistant quality – the Service can go even further if the Customer requires it. On Customer request, the profiles or sheets are bent or bevelled before coating. This allows heroal to create a matched colour scheme for the systems.

heroal belongs to the TOP inhouse coaters
heroal uses highly weather-resistant coating in its own coating plants to meet the needs of investors, architects and planners for a high degree of weather resistance, colour stability and durability. heroal was honoured as a finalist in the Green Awards 2013 by the specialist magazine „besser lackieren“. Specialists have recognised the extensive know-how and outstanding production with this top ranking.

heroal coating plant

The result is convincing: heroal is a premium coater according to GSB. The coating
„heroal hwr“ fulfils the high requirements of Qualicoat class 2 as well as GSB International master quality, and also received the seal of approval for GSB Seaproof and Qualicoat Seaside. The surfaces must be able to withstand the Florida weathering test with high UV exposure over a period of 36 months without substantial changes in the degree of gloss and colour stability.

One system – one colour
The particular challenge is the fact that window and roller shutter systems, which are closely associated, require different coating technologies. With its competence, heroal has developed optimum solutions for these areas. The heroal hwr coating for extruded profiles is perfectly matched to the 2-layer thick-lacquer coating for roll-moulded products and offers a wide range of colours. In addition, heroal provides the coating in anodised process and a decorative film lamination.

Excellent heroal hwr powder coating – intensive & stable colours
The highly weather-resistant heroal hwr powder coating for extruded products results in long-lasting intensive colours and strong effects: from different degrees of gloss to structures and metallic colours. Besides excellent colour stability, gloss retention and weather resistance, the powder coating offers an enormous variety of design options: It is available in nearly all RAL colours.

heroal 2-layer thick lacquer – protection & colour intensity
For all roll-moulded products, heroal uses the best quality coating, with a 2-layer thick lacquer. The 2-layer thick lacquer protects the heroal profiles and imbues them with intense colours. The coating with the heroal 2-layer thick lacquer is created before the profiles are roll-moulded. The thick lacquer is particularly convincing due to incredible colour intensity, colour stability and particularly outstanding abrasion and weather resistance.

heroal – the aluminium systems supplier
As a leading supplier of aluminium systems, heroal develops and produces perfectly coordinated systems for windows, doors, facades, roller shutters, roller doors and sun protection. Folding and sliding shutters, insect protection, terrace roofs and carports round off the product range. By minimising energy consumption during production, maximising energy conservation during usage as well as ensuring optimum profitability during system manufacturing and an increase in the value of the building, heroal system solutions make a significant contribution to sustainable construction.

Innovation, service, design, sustainability
The heroal brand represents system solutions that unite practical innovations, industry-leading service and high-quality design that can be sustainably integrated into any architecture.
Over 800 employees across the company work continually to further develop the systems and optimise the quality of heroal’s service and performance.

The heroal brand stands for premium quality made in Germany – certified according to ISO EN 9001. heroal products and systems are produced and assembled exclusively at heroal's German production sites – at its headquarters in Verl and also in Hövelhof.

More information at www.heroal.com

Contact Press:
heroal – Johann Henkenjohann GmbH & Co.KG
Jennifer Kracht
Österwieher Str. 80
33415 Verl (Germany)
Tel.: +49 (0) 5246–507–321
Fax: +49 (0) 5246–507–355
E-Mail: presse@heroal.com


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