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Car par operators’ demands and requirements keep increasing due to users’ growing pressure and expectations.

Premises are then bestowed with integrated, intelligent and individual solutions, which can provide both customers and operators with something more. GREEN Center s.r.o. therefore puts the emphasis on adjusting their products to customer’s re­quirements, a broad variability of products and modularity of systems that allow for further expansion. The most important attribute of today’s dynamic times is mainly the maximal openness of software architecture, advanced connectivity, extensive compatibility and support of many modern forms of communication that allow for integration with third parties’ systems and the building of comprehensive u­nits.

Simple integration via web interface
GPSW Web Interface allows car park operators to provide their customers with additional services, which increase user value as well as customer comfort. Customers may utilise these via common mobile devices, from anywhere and whenever they need to. Basic available services represent mobile and on-line payments. The interface allows one to implement information about the current number of vacant parking places and/or the reservation of parking services via the internet. Within the reservation system, they are able to book a parking place quickly, easily, comfortably and with adequate advance notice.
As for large commercial subjects such as airports and department stores, there is the option of interconnecting them with their own applications, which inform customers about important events, special occasions, discounts and others. These applications can be interconnected easily with the parking system and expanded with an option to pay the parking charge directly within the particular application.

Extended options of universal data interface
Compared with the web alternative, GPSW Internal Interface offers far broader options. It is primarily utilized for more comprehensive interconnection with the information systems of three parties. It has a particular variable usage and also allows the realization of difficult solutions for clients from both the private and public sphere.
Interconnecting of the systems usually tends to be utilized in the case of supermarkets and specialized stores. As a benefit, shoppers can be provided with advantaged parking charges. That is the reason for the cashiers’ system being interconnected with the parking system. Individual cashiers can then provide customers with parking discounts directly within the cashiers’ area just by utilizing a common scanner. Another option represents the printing of the QR code on a receipt that the customer may use as a voucher when paying for parking.
An effective solution represents the integration of systems in institutions with a large number of employees. A typical example is medical establishments, which operate extensive databases for all their employees. Data on employees can be, due to interconnection of the hospital’s in­formation system and the parking system, automatically transferred to the parking system database.
Another type of building that can utilize the possibilities of data interface is sports and leisure complexes, for instance winter resorts. They can expand their offer of services with the online sale of ski passes. Their customers can simply choose the validity date and required type of ski pass within the web application. The purchased ski pass comes with guaranteed free of charge parking in one or more selected car parks within the particular winter resort. The ski pass is used as identification for the turnstile system of the ski resort as well as within the framework of the overall parking system at the car parks. Customers can park free of charge for the whole period of the ski pass’ duration; after the expiration time, the ski pass may be used as a standard parking ticket.
We are only stating a sample listing of projects that can be realized but the communication interfaces offer many variable options that can help create demanding, comprehensive and virtually unlimited solutions that respect specific conditions of the particular installation as well as the client’s requ­irements.
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