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Bořislavka is beautiful and different, genuine… This is what a visitors to Prague will say soon once they see four modern crystals on their way from the airport to the city centre.

Their inhabitants will have a nice view of the city. Old residents who live nearby will find it more difficult to express their opinion as the building site is the biggest burden. But hopefully, the difficult times will be soon forgotten and what will be left is optimistic and harmonic coexistence of the old and the ultramodern.

At present, the construction is emerging from the depths; the bottom construction has taken 10 months, of which the base plate took five months to build. The houses have five underground floors. JORDAHL & PFEIFER Stavební technika, representing German quality in the Czech Republic, supplies for the construction KUNEX and PENTAFLEX sealing strips, which resist water column pressure of up to 20 metres, while they are tested for 50 metres. The water permeability function is ensured by the concrete construction itself. Why was it chosen for Bořislavka, too? There are two fundamental reasons – an excellent value for money and repairability. “Unlike other kinds of insulation against water pressure, the construction of water impervious concrete structure always allows you to detect and eliminate the problem,” confirms Ing. Michal Voplakal, Executive Officer, JORDAHL & PFEIFER, their long-standing experience.
Once the monolith has been erected, a leading Czech supplier of external cladding of buildings made of glass and light metal – SIPRAL – will start dealing with the facade. Actually, they have already found a solution. Although crystals make an impression of lightness, the complicated shape of the facade constitutes a constructional challenge and glass is heavy. It is supplied by AGC Teplice. SIPRAL was not chosen by chance – they prefer individuality and creativity to system solutions. However, facade anchoring must be a system solution. JORDAHL & PFEIFER have chosen a solution in the form of a new type of hot-rolled anchor channels. The JTA W 40+CE anchor channels with high-strength bolts are intended for dynamic load, too, and there will be approximately 1,700 of them in all of the buildings.

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