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This centre, being popular for business meetings or the sorting of a number of issues in one place, underwent yet another reconstruction this year. Tesco Stores ČR a.s. is gradually investing considerable sums of money in the modernization of their shopping centres.

The centres must have competitive strength and Tesco also pays attention to their obligation to reduce their carbon footprint and to set an example to society, which offers alternatives when reducing consumption of plastics and helps with recycling.

Apart from the reconstruction of the hypermarket’s floor space and opening of new shops, Eden can also pride itself with a new playing area for children on the first floor. It is a more than 100 sq m area, which provides space for movement and entertainment in two parts. Children below five can check out their stability on safe low-based elements in a pink zone or they can have fun with colourful building blocks of various shapes. Children aged five to ten can use a blue zone with loftier elements and most of all a spaceship with a slide that they can only go down on if they have made the effort to climb up. The landing area is safe and meets all European norms.
Completely new toilets were opened on the ground floor. The number of both ladies’ and gents’ cubicles was increased and the facilities were fitted with modern Dyson touch-free hand driers. Pleasant grey tones complement the new modern appearance. Children were also under consideration and sanitary facilities were fitted with low washbasins so that mums don’t need to lift the children. There are also specific cabins for little girls and low urinals for boys. There is also a new changing room for mothers with infants, where they can find comfort as well as a new toilet and most of all a large space for prams. The walls of the changing room are decorated with lovely wallpaper with children’s pat­terns. The centrum is aware of the necessity to secure safety and cleanliness in these areas so mothers are, on entering, to ring the intercom and will subsequently be allowed entry via cameras fitted in the front room of the toilets via an electronic lock. The centre is, however, considering the introduction of the so called Eurokey. There is also a new toilet for the disabled.
The recycling area also underwent reconstruction. The area next to bottle returns was fitted with new waste bins for recycling, in particular for batteries, lightbulbs and communal waste.

Tesco has responded via these changes to the needs and requirements of their visitors and successfully expands their offers for families with children whose number is increasing constantly in Vršovice due to the new development. Individual shops are also coming up with new offers. Sportisimo relocated to an entirely new unit on the first floor and Deichmann relocated from here to the ground floor, next to CCC. Big changes are to occur at the beginning of 2020 in the food court. Plastic table-wear will disappear and only china crockery and classic cutlery are to be used. What is also in preparation is the possibility to use one’s own bags for fruit and bakery products when shopping in Tesco hypermarket.
The shopping centre is seen as a place of cultural and social activities. It is a pulsating centre for gatherings. The events organized here are often of an educational character and exclusive topics. Various activities also helped, during the period of pink October, to contribute to the patient organisation Mamma HELP with an amount of more than CZK 400,000.

As for the pre-Christmas period, the owners of the centre primarily bear in mind the festive atmosphere so the centre is already gleaming with Christmas decorations and the ever popular St. Nicolas fireworks is being prepared for everyone from the neighbourhood for 5th December and is to light up the whole area of Eden and part of Vršovice.
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