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Solar control glass used on the headquarters of BNL-BNP Paribas in Rome allowed architects freedom to experiment with colours and reflections. It is an excellent example as to how to combine successfully innovative architectural solutions with optimal comfort and a user’s well-being and comfort.

The project also excels with a high level of ecological sustainability which is the reason for being given A class certificates and LEED Gold for reduced energy consumption (in comparison with traditional buildings). The twelve-storey building (with a further four underground storeys) was designed by the Italian studio 5+1AA Alfonso Femia Gian-luca Peluffo architectures and realized in such a way that it fits into the surrounding urban environment. Thanks to its sophisticated and ingenious structural glazing, its aesthetic image is visually attractive: It reflects its surroundings on all sides, which allows for its appearance to change in accordance to the time of the day and weather.

The glazing allows one to transfer the building into an image of some sort of fata morgana, whose appearance changes constantly according to how it reflects reflections of the sky and city lights. It does not represent an obstacle in views of the city panorama and its aesthetic site also guarantees a perfect transfer between Tiburtina Station and surrounding residential districts.

As the project manager Alfonso Femia, one of the founders and current president and director of the project at 5+1AA says: “The dynamic reflection colours allow for the glass to look for its own dialogue with its neighbourhood and the lights of the city of Rome. Whether it is day or night, the glass offers unique and constantly changing light reflections, colours and openings.”

Guardian Glass supplied five different products from the SunGuard® line of solar control glass for the structural glazing – SunGuard® Solar Silver 10, SunGuard® Solar Silver 20, SunGuard® Solar Neutral 67, SunGuard® HP 35/26, SunGuard® HP Silver 43/31 – four of them have a tinge of silver whilst the fifth is more natural. All this metal plated glass provides different levels of light penetration and outer reflection in order to accommodate the architect’s exact requirements.

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PR / Photo: Luc Boegly courtesy of 5+1AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo architectures

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