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Brno’s Technology Park located adjacent to the Brno University of Technology has enjoyed a successful period of expansion in recent times with completion of a second new office building for the US IT Company Red Hat and a further six new tenant companies attracted to the location.

Red Hat, the leading provider of open source solutions, already commenced operations at the Park in 2014 with completion of the first office building providing 3,781 sq m (net) state of the art class A office space for 350 employees. Just twelve months later the company asked the developer of the Park, Technology Park Brno, a.s., to construct a second office building slightly larger at 4,273 sq m (net) to accommodate a further 400 employees which was completed in April 2017. The two buildings are connected and enjoy an enviable location surrounded by pleasant green landscaping and cascading central water features.

Red Hat has been growing in Brno for more than ten years and now employs over 1,000 people. “The new building offers a fantastic environment that we believe, attracts and retains the greatest talents that will support the continued growth of Red Hat in Brno,” stated Radovan Musil, MD of the Red Hat Czech development centre. Red Hat’s Development Centre is designed to support the next generation of developers and engineers. It also includes close collaboration with local universities, where Red Hat provides students with open source technologies and support to gain significant practical experience. There is a significant location advantage that the Park offers being immediately adjacent to the Brno University of Technology.
Over the past twelve months a total of six new tenant occupiers have signed leases at the Park.

Emerson Process Management is the world’s leading supplier of products, services and solutions for measuring, analyzing, controlling, automating and improving process-related activities in many industries. The company has leased a combination of office and high-tech production space for their operations.

Sigmatronic provides technical advisory, management services and technology developments for investors, corporations and business partners. They have recently opened a simulation centre for the development of defence systems at the Park.
Datron Technologies produces CNC machining machines for high speed milling of non-ferrous metals and plastics, measurement of vehicle dynamics and related information technologies. The company is also represented by CSM GmbH and RaceLogic and offers turnkey solutions for the measurement of road and rail dynamics and delivers sensors for track, speed, temperature, acceleration, pressure, systems for evaluation of measured data as well as specialized solution software.
Eprin is a system integrator among the leaders in the field of automatic identification supplying labels and printers, applicators, sensors, terminals and tablets, RFID technology, robotic solutions, WIFI technology and controlled warehouse systems.
S.A.B. Aerospace s.r.o. can perform design, structural and thermal analyzes, manufacturing and environmental tests to the qualification process, including project office activities. The company has access to a collaborative network with research centers for the development of Structural Health Monitoring Systems for Hot Structures of Re-entry Vehicles and UAV Systems. S.A.B. recently leased space for the manufacture of satellite release systems into space.
SMart Credit is one of the largest non-bank providers of operating financing through the factoring of domestic and foreign receivables in the Czech Republic. It focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises providing a funding solution to SME’s and start-up companies.

Mr. Roderick Barker General Manager of the Park comments: “It is very satisfying to see the further expansion of Red Hat at the Park. The attractive location coupled with their own very progressive internal fit out project ensures they will attract and retain the best talent. In addition we are very pleased to welcome a group of new tenants who are particularly drawn to the location due to its links and proximity to the Brno University of Technology which makes the Park unique in the region.”

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