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Trikaya has celebrated ten years of its operations in the Czech market this year.

We were talking about the ten years of their operations as well as current projects and future plans with Alexei Veselý, CEO at Trikaya.
Trikaya is a development company primarily operating in the Brno area.

How does the company differ from other similar companies?
We are constantly trying to progress forward. Not only as a functional company and the people who work there but also as a segment – we are constantly trying to innovate realistically, come up with new housing standards and further promote the quality of life in our country. Our initial project was one of the first residential projects with a 24–hour reception in Brno. We were the first to build a large housing block with the prestigious A-energy class. We were the first to start using lime brick for the construction of large housing blocks whilst till then, they were prerogatively utilized for the construction of passive family houses. Our projects and activities are innovative in many areas.

Do your current projects also provide clients with something of a higher standard?
Certainly. The project Housing Blocks Neumanka, which is currently being completed in the prestigious area of the Masaryk District offers green roofs, an abundance of green terraces and outdoor areas as well as a private sauna for residents. We are trying a new type of housing with the Ponavia Residence project – the entitled townhouses offering the comfort of worry-free family housing in the city centre. The project comprises three-storey buildings with an atrium garden and a location near the city centre. Clients will appreciate generously sized premises as well as their own double garage and/or a 30 sq m storage area. All that just 700 m from Lužánky Park.

Media has, for a long time, been mentioning the preparation of the residential district Pod Hády. Is this project still topical?
The Pod Hády district has actually been in preparation for many years. Approval processes for such a large location are very difficult. We believe that we will be able to start the sale of apartments from the first stage of this project next year. And clients can look forward to a number of new items from the area of housing. We are attempting to create an ideal mix of housing types – apart from housing for younger people and families, we will also create specialised senior apartments coupled with assistance. We have successfully launched a pilot project of co-operation with Brno and will build a public nursery school, several sports grounds and leisure zones there. The Pod Hády district will be interwoven with greenery and the major part will not be accessible to traffic. Traffic will be concentrated underground. What is also important to us is ecology and sustainability – this project does not conduct any rainwater into the drainage system. In order to retain water within the area, we are making a series of boreholes that will secure rainwater absorption and sustain it within the location.

Apart from residential projects, you also launched into the segment of shopping centres last year. What is Trikaya planning for this area?
Within the framework of the diversifying of our portfolio, we achieved the shopping centres Futurum in Brno and Řepy in Prague. In both cases, we plan extensive reconstruction next year. Whilst the Futurum centre in Brno is to become more of a centre for entertainment and leisure activities, Řepy will primarily become a centre of services and will serve those residents from the adjacent housing development. As for Futurum, we will also open a trampoline park there this year, this being the first trampoline park within a shopping centre in our country. It is a new concept of interconnecting sport, entertainment, both children and adult activities and other physical activities. We are also modifying the tenant structure. Most changes will however occur next year when comprehensive reconstruction is to take place. The centre will sport a new facade as well as entirely new interior areas, shop windows for all retail units, a large food court and new retail areas.

This year, you also made the first public issue of bonds. Is investment in your projects a long-term strategy or was it a one-off occurrence?
We have issued bonds before but not publicly. This year, we managed to obtain agreement with the company Cyrrus about the public issue whereby all clients can invest regardless. Investment is made into all our projects and constantly increases their value. It is our long-term development strategy. This allowed Trikaya to expand considerably over past years – and we owe sincerest thanks to all our investors for that.

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