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JORDAHL & PFEIFER Stavební technika has been operating in the Czech market for 20 years, yet they still carry out a systematic analysis of the construction market even though it may seem that everything works of its own accord.

Michal Voplakal, company director, says: “Quality German products are in harmony with the technical support that our team offers during the processing of optimised designs for solutions.” We questioned him further in order to discover more information.

When you view completed projects, don’t you feel sorry that a majority of JORDAHL & PFEIFER elements are actually invisible?
You know, I don’t actually. I feel pleased with the overall successful work. We are part of the construction at each phase – from the design of a water impermeable construction, to the brickwork support brackets, which is, apart from strict functional demands, delightful to look at and meets investors’ visions. We take part in the whole process, studying each construction activity and considering how to build it better, faster, and safer. The more than forty-year history of PFEIFER proves our dedication to quality construction, so you can count on us to get the job done.

Every optimization comes with limits…
People don’t often realize that assessing the building at the moment of completion is one thing, and envisioning it 10 or 20 years later is something completely different. A gingerbread house can look amazing, but its lifetime is brief. We need to build our future with the knowledge and awareness of a lifelong guarantee. That’s the reason our products hold the strictest quality certificates and are utilised worldwide. We are prepared for every challenge – we can build in the middle of a desert as well as in swampy tropics.

How can the fierce pace of current development be sped up even more?
Definitely with prefabrication and fast solutions such as the UNICON system. This universal fast-connection system developed by H-BAU Technik also allows for electricity, water, waste, heating and others services to run through the individual parts during the construction of the building. This helps you achieve an incredibly shortened completion time.

Are you trying to say that you build the main structure and the utility systems at the same time?
Yes and it’s not sci-fi. Buildings that have utilized the revolutionary technology UNICON – POWERCON are already in United Arab Emirates.. However, I can see the use not only in a remote place in the middle of the desert where all resources are limited, but also in the middle of the big cities, where long construction times cause transport complications and discomfort for the inhabitants.

Is there also revolution in the area of building materials?
We would rather speak of evolution. The properties of iron are well-known, but GFK, a glass fibre reinforcement bar with the trade title of FIBERNOX-V-ROD, achieves a three times higher tensile strength. The GFK reinforcement will allow designers to design a smaller lifetime reinforcement cover since no erosion occurs. This enables a more elegant design. The absence of iron in GFK also addresses the problem of erratic currents, as well as unwanted magnetism in airport and hospital structures.

Real responsibility means more than just to build safely and quicker…
The company’s phi­losophy is that the whole range of smart J&P components can be dismantled and parts of the structure can be taken apart and reutilised or recycled. I like to paraphrase a statement from a philosopher – we inherited the Earth from our ancestors and at the same time borrowed it from our children and are responsible for its condition when we hand it over.

How do you see the future?
The future is in the comprehensiveness of functional solutions for the entire lifespan of buildings. If you have sophisticated and client-friendly products (that include benefits like fire protection or management of all kinds of utility systems) then it will be easier for the construction workers at the building site. On top of that, prefabricated parts made from certified components create a quality building in advance. When you put the structure together from parts that are all certified, final building approval is easier.

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